Success Stories

Peter* attended the weekly iMsocialTM (formerly iModelingTM) group in 2011.

Prior to this, he was a child who struggled to know how to fit in. He tended to monologue way too much about his favourite topics, and frequently interrupted peers and adults. He had a few friends, but reported loneliness and anxiety. The group helped Peter explicitly learn skills necessary for carrying on a conversation, such as introducing himself, starting and joining in a conversation, and coping with bullying. In particular the lessons on interrupting a conversation were good for Peter, and I would often get him to watch these specific DVDs repeatedly. I have been watching Peter at school this year, and he appears to now fit in much better with his peers. He waits for pauses in conversation before interjecting, and is able to contribute to the conversation rather than interrupt with a completely different idea. He is well liked and included. The group also gave Peter the opportunity to forge some strong friendships, which he has continued. This in turn helped to strengthen his confidence and self esteem, and gave him the chance to keep practising what he had learned. With this confidence his sense of humour has begun to emerge more strongly, as well as a new independence and self identity. We as a family are very grateful that Peter was given the opportunity to participate in this project.

*Name has been changed 

My son was aged 9-10yrs in the duration of the iMsocialTM (formerly iModelingTM) program.

He has the diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome. We found the App relatively easy to learn. The homework skills were spaced out well. If we were given them all at the start I think it would've seemed overwhelming.  The (laminated) visuals that we were given for a couple of the homework tasks were a great assistance for my son. We looked through these before making the videos and I think they helped James* understand the task better.  The progression of the video role modelling became harder as they went along and this concept worked well.   Thanks to you, Merel and for the iMsocialTM (formerly iModelingTM) program to be delivered in our rural area.  Cheryl*

*Names have been changed