The iMsocial Apps

Two iOS applications have been developed to support the iMsocialTM social skills program and allow for an easier use of the program.

     The iModelingTM app

iModelingTM app is based on research into video modeling conducted by Autism SA and the Disability Research Unit at the University of Adelaide. Video modeling is an evidence-based intervention which uses video to teach skills to children with autism and other disabilities. It can be used to teach skills to people of any developmental level. 

The iModelingTM app puts video modeling technology in the palm of your hand – you can plan, film and edit video footage for your child on one device. An inbuilt tutorial explains how to use each feature of the app and provides you with the basics of video modeling therapy.

The iModelingTM app takes away the need for a video camera, computer and editing program. This app works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

How does the iModeling™ app work?

Step 1: Create a title page. This will explain what the footage is about

Step 2a: Film the child engaging in the skill you would like to teach or have others (eg. siblings, adults) engaging in the skill.

Step 2b: Edit the video. Keep in any positive interactions – for example, great sharing, good manners, and great conversations.

Step 3: Add a reward picture. Having a reward picture at the end of the video model will give the child an instant reward for watching the video model. It will also keep the child motivated to keep watching their video models.

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     The iModeling BoundariesTM app 

The iModeling Boundaries™ app teaches a child the boundaries of touch. It uses photos (uploaded by the parent/carer) of people involved in the child’s life. The child sorts these photos into groups. Each group will have a specific relationship (e.g. family and friends) and a specific kind of touch (hugs and kisses) designated to it. This sorting process needs to be guided by the parent/carer of the child.

The iModeling Boundaries™ app is based on a paper model created for the iMsocial™ program. Instead of making photo's, and printing and pasting them on paper the app will allow you to make photo's and add them to the app in one simple step. This app only works on iPad.

How does the iModeling Boundaries™ app work?

Step One: Create a child profile

Step Two: Edit people. Here you can add photos of all the different people the child has contact with. Think of family, school, sport club, OT, paediatrician etc.

Step Three: Choose the groups/relationships you would like to use for the child. Create your own group if you are missing a specific group for the child (eg. sport club).

Step Four: Let the child sort the people.

Step Five: Click on each group and review the sorting of the child

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